Liudmyla Sas


The paper deals with the necessity of the technological updating of production in agricultural enterprises in terms of its efficiency.

The essence of the notion “efficiency” has been defined. The efficiency of technological updating of production in agricultural enterprises as a complex concept has been considered.

The aspects of considering the efficiency, in particular concerning the process of technological updating of the production in agricultural enterprises, have been identified and substantiated. Among them we have outlined the following ways of understanding the efficiency: in terms of the ratio of effect and cost; in view of the achievement of the goal; in view of stakeholders; as an external and internal concept; from the standpoint of performance and cost minimization; as the maximum possible result for a given set of resources; as a qualitative, quantitative and costly indicator of production; as a multi-level concept; as a complex concept.

Key words: technological updating of production, agricultural enterprises, efficiency, innovative development


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