Parabolic systems of Shilov-type with coefficients of bounded smoothness and nonnegative genus

V. A. Litovchenko, G. M. Unguryan


The Shilov-type parabolic systems are parabolically stable systems for changing its coefficients unlike of parabolic systems by Petrovskii. That's why the modern theory of the Cauchy problem for class by Shilov-type systems is developing abreast how the theory of the systems with constant or time-dependent coefficients alone. Building the theory of the Cauchy problem for systems with variable coefficients is actually today. A new class of linear parabolic systems with partial derivatives to the first order by the time $t$ with variable coefficients that includes a class of the Shilov-type systems with time-dependent coefficients and non-negative genus is considered in this work. A main part of differential expression concerning space variable $x$ of each such system is parabolic (by Shilov) expression. Coefficients of this expression are time-dependent, but coefficients of a group of younger members may depend also a space variable. We built the fundamental solution of the Cauchy problem for systems from this class by the method of sequential approximations. Conditions of  minimal smoothness on  coefficients of the systems by  variable $x$ are founded, the smoothness of solution is investigated and estimates of derivatives of this solution are obtained.  These results are important for  investigating  of the correct solution of the Cauchy problem for this systems in different functional spaces, obtaining forms of description of the solution of this problem and its properties.


fundamental matrix of solutions, Cauchy problem, Shilov-type parabolic systems

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