Vol 8, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents

$k$-bitransitive and compound operators on Banach spaces Article References
N. Bamerni, A. Kilicman 3-10
Periodic words connected with the Fibonacci words Article References
G. M. Barabash, Ya. M. Kholyavka, I. V. Tytar 11-15
Fourier coefficients associated with the Riemann zeta-function Article References
Yu. V. Basiuk, S. I. Tarasyuk 16-20
Optimal control problem for systems governed by nonlinear parabolic equations without initial conditions Article References
M. M. Bokalo, A. M. Tsebenko 21-37
Continuous block-symmetric polynomials of degree at most two on the space $(L_\infty)^2$ Article References
T. V. Vasylyshyn 38-43
Continuous approximations of capacities on metric compacta Article References
I. D. Hlushak, O. R. Nykyforchyn 44-50
Properties of distance spaces with power triangle inequalities Article References
D. Greenhoe 51-82
Operators of stochastic differentiation on spaces of nonregular generalized functions of Levy white noise analysis Article References
N. A. Kachanovsky 83-106
An inverse problem for a 2D parabolic equation with nonlocal overdetermination condition Article References
N. Ye. Kinash 107-117
Inverse Cauchy problem for fractional telegraph equations with distributions Article References
H. P. Lopushanska, V. Rapita 118-126
Hypercyclic operators on algebra of symmetric analytic functions on $\ell_p$ Article References
Z. G. Mozhyrovska 127-133
On the dimension of vertex labeling of $k$-uniform dcsl of $k$-uniform caterpillar Article References
K. Nageswara Rao, K. A. Germina, P. Shaini 134-149
Approximation relations on the posets of pseudometrics and of pseudoultrametrics Article References
S. I. Nykorovych 150-157
$\omega$-Euclidean domain and Laurent series Article References
O. M. Romaniv, A. V. Sagan 158-162
Countable hyperbolic systems in the theory of nonlinear oscillations Article References
T. I. Firman 163-171
A class of Julia exceptional functions Article References
V. S. Khoroshchak, A. Ya. Khrystiyanyn, D. V. Lukivska 172-180

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