The Traditions and Beliefs of Highlanders as a Means of Self-Identity and Ethnos Preserving

Inna Chervinska, Jaroslav Nykorak, Andrii Chervinskyi


The article reveals the peculiarities of the ethnic identity of pupils in school socio-cultural space in the mountain school of Carpathian region. In general, the term “region” as socio-cultural space is generally accepted and a regional approach is an effective form of studying the problems of social and cultural transformations of the country as a whole as well as its socio-cultural educational and other spaces. Such methodological regulation helps to consider national (state) socio-cultural space as a unity of regional spaces. The decisive in resolving the existing contradictions between human activities and the nature of must become all the methods and tools that can help to form the basic culture and human consciousness is that will form the basis for the formation of the ethnic identity of the person.


multicultural education, ethnic identity, institution of public education, socio-cultural environment, region.

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