A Word in Memory an Outstanding Ukrainian Historian, Academician Volodymyr Hrabovetsky

Mykola Kuhutiak


The article deals with the scientific work of a famous Ukrainian historian and source scholar Volodymyr Hrabovetskyі. In the creative heritage of the scientist there is a series of works dedicated to the history of Galicia and Precarpathia, studies on the times of Cossacks, national struggles of liberation. Volodymyr Grabovetskyi joined the scientific paradigm as a researcher of the history of the Opryshky movement, the life and activity of Oleksa Dovbush. On the basis of archival materials and contemporaries’ memoirs the scientist wrote the history of many Precarpathian cities and villages. Volodymyr Grabovetskyi is also well-known as a researcher of the church history.


history, Galicia, Precarpathia, Cossacks, Opryshky, Oleksa Dovbush, church history.

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