Social Psychological Mechanisms of Acquiring Sociocultural Experience: The Hermeneutic Aspect

Larysa Zahrai


The article addresses the issue of the individual’s socialization, the usage of interpretative mechanisms in order to gain sociocultural experience. The process of interiorization of cultural experience is analyzed from the perspective of the hermeneutic paradigm. The interpretative mechanisms (semiotization, narrativization) make it possible to explain the formation of the individual’s model of the world, which is, on the one hand, a representation of culture and, on the other, a reflection of the individual’s subjective experience. Reproductive interpretation is acquiring sociocultural experience that does not involve contemplation. Productive interpretation involves contemplating experience, assigning new meanings to it, which ensures the individual’s development and facilitates the process of gaining new experience.


socialization, sociocultural experience, interpretation, mechanisms of semiotization and narrativization, interiorization, hermeneutic paradigm, model of the world.

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