Current Methods of Professional Management of the Head of an Educational Institution

Galyna Mykhaylyshyn, Oksana Yakymiv


The article substantiates current actual technologies of the activity of the head of the educational institution.The fundraising competence of the head of the educational institution as the newest component of managerial competencies related to the requirements of time and changes in the guidelines of the society in order to implement a fundraising system in the innovative strategic management of the educational institution is grounded in the article. The general theoretical questions concerning the emission of knowledge about the essence of fundraising in the education system and the concept of “fundraising” are specified. The emphasis is on conducting an effective fundraising campaign to raise funds for the implementation of socially significant and scientific projects, resource search for a quality educational process.


fundraising, fundraising competence, entrepreneurial attribute, educational service, endowment fund of trustee council, budgeting of educational institution, strategic management, financial autonomy of educational institution, specificity of management co

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