Teacher’s Methodical Activity as a Source of Educational and Methodical Tasks

Svitlana Skvortsova


The article of S. Skvortsova “Teacher’s methodical activity as a source of educational and methodical tasks”, interprets the teacher’s methodical activity as solving a number of methodical tasks. We define a methodical task as a situation that occurs in the process of teacher's methodical activity the purpose of which is to teach pupils certain content. Educational and methodical tasks are the models of such situations formulated in words. The goal of educational and methodical tasks is to form future teachers’ methodical competency. Methodical tasks are classified under on practical and intellectual, that in its turn are divided into standard and problematic. Taking into consideration the external structure of the process of solving methodical tasks we define the teacher’s ability to solve methodical tasks as a complex of actions to be performed to solve a methodical task on the basis of a teacher’s conscious use of methodical knowledge and ways of action. Educational and methodical tasks are used in order to form the ability to solve methodical tasks in the process of teacher’s methodical training in pedagogical universities. Educational and methodical tasks, as opposed to methodical tasks, are classified according to: 1) the level of methodical activity as on standard, partially-standard and creative; 2) the types of methodical activity as on informational-analytical, analytic-synthetic, operationally-practical, projective-modeling, synthetic-constructing; 3) the content of teacher’s methodical activity as on basic and special ones.

Standard and partially-standard educational and methodical tasks are the symbolic models of standard methodical tasks in teacher’s activity, and creative educational and methodical tasks are the symbolic models of problematic methodical tasks. Educational and methodical tasks are mainly the models of intellectual methodical tasks as they don’t suggest the interaction between a teacher and pupils, though, in some cases, they may be solved in the process of imitation of a teacher’s activity in the classroom environment.


teacher’s methodical activity, methodical task, classification of methodical tasks, educational and methodical task, classification of educational and methodical tasks.

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