Selected Determinants of Children’s Helpfulness at the Early School Age on the Basis of Selected Schools in Myslenice County (Poland)

Monika Bajak


Prosocial behaviour is not constant, it is continually being developed and enriched. It is developed most effectively through social activities and community involvement, but most of all through the participation in the family life. A child becomes a social being through social development. All these social and communal experiences determine children’s willingness to deal and help other people. The aim of this article is to examine a particular type of children’s social behaviour, which is helpfulness. There exists a clear correlation between the structure of the family and the helpfulness of the children which was partially confirmed by the author. There is also an average statistic relationship between the families’ fertility and helpfulness. The author of the paper represents the impact of age peculiarities of a child on his/her social development.


prosocial behaviour, children, helpfulness, family, social development, pedagogical determinants.

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