Vol 4, No 3-4 (2017)

Table of Contents

Series of Social and Human Sciences

Innovation Policy of the European Union – Overview of Theoretical Foundations and Empirical Aspects ARTICLE REFERENCE
Zofia Wysokińska 9-20
The Generalization of the Comparative Advantage Theory ARTICLE REFERENCE
Leszek Jasiński 21-33
Joining NATO is Declared a Strategic Aim of Ukraine ARTICLE REFERENCE
Liudmyla Chekalenko, Mariya Vasylyeva 34-41
Innovative Methods in Strategic Planning of Foreign Economic Activity of Enterprises ARTICLE REFERENCE
Valentyna Yakubiv, Iryna Hryhoruk 42-49
The Republic of Moldova as a Potential Failing State? ARTICLE REFERENCE
Dominika Kosárová, Jaroslav Ušiak 50-59
Science is the Basis for a Country's Modernization ARTICLE REFERENCE
Oleksandr Vasyliev 60-66
The Use of Wood Biomass in the Regional System of Renewable Energy Sources as a Chance for the Region ARTICLE REFERENCE
Andrzej Kluczkowski 67-73
Trends of International Trade in Services: Integration Opportunities for Ukraine ARTICLE REFERENCE
Tetyana Bodnarchuk, Volodymyr Lysak 74-81
Reforming Taxation System under Conditions of European Integration ARTICLE REFERENCE
Olha Zhuk 82-87
Approaches to the Development of Business Growth Strategy ARTICLE REFERENCE
Jurij Malynovskyy, Natalia Petryshyn, Julia Malynovska, Andrij Oliinyk 88-94
Ukraine – EU: Historical and Legal Analysis of European Integration ARTICLE REFERENCE
Andriy Redko 95-102
Russia’s Attitude Towards European Integration: Changing Approaches from Perception to Tough Opposition ARTICLE REFERENCE
Vira Shaturma 103-111
The Influence Integration Processes Exert on the Intermediary System of Agricultural Enterprises ARTICLE REFERENCE
Nataliia Hurmak 112-119

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