Land ownership and land in Galicia XIX - first third XX century



The article analyzes the structureland resources of Galicia in the XIX - per-shiy third of XX century. In particular, are seenyutsya system and land usedynamics of land ownership.From the middle of the XIX century. land area wellbulyarnoyi ownership decreased from 42.4%the total area of ​​land to 34.3% - nape-eve of the First World War. In 1852-1889 decline was 7% in 1889-1902 - 4.6% 1900-1912 biennium. - 8.6%.Square annually decreased by 0.4%reaching a peak in the early XXArt. (0.9%). If the 1852-1889 biennium. Reason forNoah reducing the area of ​​land tabulyarnoyiProperty was easements regulation, thelater - partselyatsiya land. Oversecond half XIX - first ten-years of XX century. land area tabulyarnoyiproperty decreased by 628 thousand. ha,which over 409 thousand. ha - for reasons partiestselyatsiyi and 218.7 thousand. - in regulationeasements.In the 1902-1912 biennium. Partselyatsiyi subjecta third land estates Galicia(1882 of 5951), of which 1070 square lesshalf, 301 - area and more than 50%511 - completely.In 1919-1920. Partselovano 81.2thousand. hectares of the planned 148 thousand. ha. ByLand Registry in 1921 and earning avalos than 1173.5 thousand. landowners.Dominated land to farm5 hectares (87.2%); less than 1% of farmers hadland area of ​​over 20 hectares

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