DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH IN INFORMATICS In "Lviv Polytechnic" in the second half of the XX - XXI CENTURY

Р.Я. Ріжняк


The article examines the historyestablishment and development of research in computer science at the NationalUniversity "Lviv Polytechnic"In the second half of the XX - XXI century. resultsthe formation of new researchin computer science and computer engineering, which starts related izzasnuvannyamin the 30's. XX century. at Lviv Polytechnic Professor V. Krukovskyi researchschool of instrument, developed inLater academician AA Kharkevych,corresponding member of the KB Karandeyev, professors BI Swedish, INVyshenchukom. The main factorsimpact on academic performancestudies in computer science at the university: the availability of trained and erudite scientific personnel; the role of heads of departmentsuniversity in the deployment areas of developmentscience, tailored tobasic structural unit; degree of communications university scientists with representatives of academic science.

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