"UKRAINIAN Manchester ': unknown pages of socio-economic history of Lviv

О.І. Пасіцька


The development Ukrainianindustry in the context of socialeconomic history of the city 20-30 yearsTwentieth century. Characterized creation, operation and production process of enterprises on the street. Potocki (now - street.General Chuprynky) in Lviv, Lviv which the then associate with Englishindustrial cities of Manchester. In the interwar Lviv for the European model developed market economic relations and cooperativeproduction, created new businesses, whose products came onthe then world market. UkrainianIndustrial centers ( "Tsentrosoyuz"Cooperative Engineering works, "decor", "Dendra", "Gard" Ceramic Factory "Eye" chemical plants "Atra""Famoza" and others) representing a variety of industries, includingchemical, electrical, paper, mineral, wood, providedplace of work and influence the formationUkrainian national consciousness.

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