Havrysh T.Yu., Kalutsky I.F. CLIMATIC RECREATIONAL RESOURCES, THEIR FORMATION AND USAGE (as exemplifi ed by Mizun health resort and recreational region)

Т. Ю. Гавриш, І. Ф. Калуцький


The article deals with the analysis of the grounds of the recreational establishments’ development need generally in the state and particularly in Mizun recreational district through the whole prism of recreational resources. It has been stated that it is necessary to draw new resources and increase the use of the ones that are used not enough. The article presents a more detailed analysis of the necessity of the climatic recreational resources use. Though the use of climatic resources in the region has deep historic roots, in the last years there prevail other recreational resources. The process of health resort developing of the territories moves from the mineral water springs and therapeutic muds to the warm seaside zones and from the plains to the mountains. That is why in the article there has been given more attention to the climatic health resort and the prospects of its development in future. In the article there has also been off ered the formula for calculating the recreational potential and a range of ways to improve the usage of the climatic health resorts. For attracting investments from both internal and external investors it is necessary to work out proper off ers, to know the future recreational potential of every kind of recreation that will make it possible to focus on the abilities of each recreational region.

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