Т.В. Лисюк


The article substantiates the need for innovation in the restaurant sector and tourism, off er new approaches in the management of the enterprises of tourism and service as well as a necessary aspects that allow to adapt the tourism industry to changing forms of tourism with new marketing strategies, innovative services, products and processes. The characteristic contents innovation and innovation, innovative aspects of personnel management and off ers basic types of innovative technologies of personnel management in tourism and hotel and restaurant businesses. At the present stage of economic development of the competitive position of companies, determined intensive technologies that provide relevant technology and innovative solutions. The basic factors that infl uence the implementation of innovative technologies are the following: adverse eff ects of macroeconomic shocks, enhancing the fl ow of fi nancial risks, shortage of own fi nancial resources, low innovation activity in the service sector in Ukraine. Thus, in terms of innovative activity tourism, hotel and restaurant businesses should expand the scope of its activities for function eff ectively, obtain high profi ts and increase their competitiveness in the market. To achieve this, companies have to be innovative way of development, which is defi ned as the creation or innovation. A special place is occupied by technological innovations, because they allow modifying traditional products and services and create brand new ones. The strategic management of innovation in enterprises has been analyzed. Service in tourism is focused on long-term business development, a broad range of methods, models and tools, but with the growing role of innovation it becomes unacceptable to use old management approaches. Tourism market has become very diverse, for many tourist companies and hotel and restaurant businesses it is diffi cult to stay in the market. Thus, they have to implement innovative technologies. The market of tourist services must respond rapidly to changing attitudes of consumers, off ering them innovative products and services

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