Л.М. Лояк, Р.П. Загнибіда


In recent years there has been an increase in the role of restaurant business facilities in the tourism sector of economy. Thus the study of the regional aspects of the restaurant business development is relevant and has signifi cant practical importance. The aim of the article is to clarify the essence and the main trends of development of a restaurant business facility in IvanoFrankivsk region and in particular, in Ivano-Frankivsk. The research of the regional market of restaurant business as a part of the tourism industry has been made in the article. The accent is made on the fact that the location of regional business faculties in cities and districts of the region is uneven. Their largest number is located in the city of IvanoFrankivsk. The main trends of development of a public network of restaurant business facilities in accordance to quantitative indexes have been highlighted. A sampling classifi cation of restaurants, cafes, bars and fast-food restaurants of Ivano-Frankivsk by the type of cuisine has been made. The strategic directions of the restaurant industry development in the tourism region have been determined. The above region is fairly attractive in terms of tourism perspectives, it is therefore necessary to carry out the strategic management of tourism industry development which will positively aff ect the formation of adequate infrastructure of restaurant business facilities. The network of regional business faculties in Ivano-Frankivsk region is rapidly developing, although somewhat randomly without taking into account a marketing assessment of people’s demand for diff erent types of restaurant services. The introduction in restaurant business facilities of the management based on the concept of innovation benefi ts will improve the results of their development. The success of the restaurant business in general and Ivano-Frankivsk region in particular, is in the increase of salaries, measures to leveling the imbalance in the development of the network of regional business facilities and optimization of their structure. Summing up the overall results, we can make the conclusion that the relatively high rating positions of the restaurant business of the above studied region, taking into account the current conditions for making business, make businesses to organize their work in the way to satisfy the most demanding tastes and preferences of consumers, operating in variable conditions of the market functioning

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