П.П. Вичівський, Л.В. Ковальська


The theoretical aspects of functioning of the cultural and cognitive tourism, the current state and prospects of its development in IvanoFrankivsk region are analyzed in the article. The problems of preservation and use of historical and cultural heritage, traditions and customs of the research area are indicated. Tourism potential of Ivano-Frankivsk region for the development of the cultural and cognitive tourism is described. Its important role in the era of globalization is noted, because it gives the opportunity to return to the study of historical and cultural heritage, its humanist content. It is emphasized that cultural and educational tourism - is a multifaceted phenomenon that brings integrative potential because it is a powerful factor of economic development, social institutions and the whole culture combining all the tourists in an eff ort to reveal the fullness of life in all its manifestations. Among a large number of cultural and cognitive facilities the leading part belongs only to the monuments of history and culture, which are the main means of meeting the cultural and cognitive needs. It is noted that in Ivano-Frankivsk region the cultural and cognitive tourism can develop in tour-discovery and cultural areas, and it occupies an important place in the regional tourism market. It is caused by a large number and variety of historical, architectural, artistic monuments and national and ethnic features as well as convenient geographical location, developed transport network. The most popular tourist sites in IvanoFrankivsk region, and the ways of their usage in the cultural and cognitive tourism are highlighted. It is emphasized that a large number of unique traditions and customs that in the modern urbanized society almost never occur are preserved in IvanoFrankivsk region today. It is noted that each year in many districts and towns of IvanoFrankivsk region (Sheshory Kosmach, Kolomyja, Verkhovyna, Kosovo) there are numerous and varied festivals - «Pysanka», «Carpathian Vernissage,» «Ivan Kupala», «Easter in Prykarpattia» «Christmas in the Carpathian Mountains», and other events related to the celebration of others no less interesting and important events - «Vodohreshcha», «Malanka» Hutsul «Rozkolyada» that contribute to the development of cultural tourism in the region. Also, the prospects and precautions for the using the historical and cultural monuments of IvanoFrankivsk region in the cultural and cognitive tourism are mentioned.

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