О.С. Терещук


The article characterizes the historical aspects of the emergence and development of tour operating as a type of business which is fundamentally new in Ukraine. The dynamics of changes in the number of tour operating companies as well as the reasons for the bankruptcy of some of them are analyzed, the main problems hindering the tourist activity are examined, particularly in outbound tourism. The author assesses the seriousness of threats to Ukraine business caused by emanating from the dramatic changes in legislation and independent tourism being actively developed. Results of researches testify to existence of a number of problems, main from which are: instability of tax system, insuffi cient support from the state, lack of favorable conditions for development of tourism industry, including the state investment policy in the sphere of tourism, lack of a holistic and complex command and control system of use of tourist and recreational resources of the country, diff erent departmental submission of tourist, resort and recreational resources, lack of eff ective system of protection of the rights and interests of tourists, providing a safe environment on objects of tourist visits and directions of tourist routes, a lack of own funds at the tourist enterprises, insolvency of consumers of tourist services, imperfection of legal acts regulating tourist activity, an unsatisfactory status of tourism infrastructure, defi ciency of investments, poor quality of a national tourist product and so forth.

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