Г.В. Карась


The article discusses the peculiarities of management of Ukrainian culture in Diaspora on the examples of its most prominent representatives: V. Abramenko, M. Novak (USA, Canada), and V. Lutsiv (Great Britain). Vasyl Avramenko was the institutor of artistic performances and the fi rst Film Corporation, which produced the fi rst Ukrainian musical fi lms abroad. Nikolay Novak was the organizer of many cultural events, concerts, theatrical performances, showings of the Ukrainian musical movies. The administrative activity of Volodymyr Lutsiv was multifaceted: organization of the Ukrainian Diaspora tour groups to diff erent countries and in Ukraine; coordination of public events; organization of artistic presentations (exhibitions) and special events (reburials). Great emphasis is laid upon a set of knowledge and skills in administration of art, as well as personal qualities that helped them to be eff ective in this area. The following features are common to all these managers: versatility, organizational skills, will, leadership, dynamism, the desire for artistic experiment, artistic initiative, pragmatism, persistence, self-control, time management, hard work, knowledge of many foreign languages, and stage experience. As coordinator, V. Lutsiv is a person of great creativity (artistic talent and innovative way of solving problems), connectivity (bringing togeather all aspects of the work) and communication skills (the coordination between the external and internal demands of the environment). All these features create such quality, as «passionate leadership» (G. Hagardom), and since the activity of V. Lutsiv proceeded not only on local or regional levels, embracing the representatives of diff erent nations, we can talk about the globality of issues concerning his activities.

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