Р.М. Гошовський, Т.Р. Іванчо


The article deals with the semantic context of ecclesiastical and iconic expression of the sacred Christian cathedral, especially a church, through the prism of its architectural structure. The nature, meaning and systems of implementing world-view and religious concepts in the structure and icon creation of the church components have been studied. The revolt of the church as a multi-dimensional «sacral phenomenon», particular for the Ukrainian and Galician religious environment has also been researched. The degree of a sacral expression in each ecclesiastical and content sector of church is determined. In the architectural design of church, through its inherent sacredness and peoples’ understanding of spiritual sense of such a structure, which is the perception of «holy» places (objects) through which every believer can fi nd communion with God and expect the Godsent grace. Believers and whole Christian world, trying to give every real church building forming deep spiritual undertones with appropriate symbolic and iconic essence of fi gurative expression, formed not just a «church», but an extraordinary multidimensional «sacred phenomenon»

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