В.М. Клапчук, О.П. Тимофій


Building churches in the Hutsul region picked up its speed in the XVIIIth – the early XXth centuries. Most of these churches have kept safe to present days, some of them have been rebuilt. Destroyed temples were replaced by new ones in the late XIXth – the early XXth centuries. The article deals with the analysis of the Hutsul churches cadastre, the time of their building and the geography of their spread. In 1701 there were 40 temples in the Hutsul region. At the beginning of the XXth century there were already 166 churches, particularly 112 in Galicia, 26 in Bukovina and 28 in Transcarpathia. Almost half of the churches were built in Kosiv and Kolomyia counties. It has been established that most of the churches were concentrated along water and traffi c arteries, near administrative and industrial centers. 2/3 of them were built in Galicia, 1/3 – in Bukovina and Transcarpathia. 1900 the density of Hutsul churches in Galicia was 0,4, in Bukovina – 0,5, in Transcarpathia – 1,0 unit for 1000 residents. An average density of churches in each settlement was 0,8 in Galicia, 0,5 in Bukovina, 1,1 in Transcarpathia.

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