Р.П. Загнибіда


The article characterizes presentdaystate and search of ways for improvingexperts’ training for professional work, targetedat formation of competence, developingcreative and potential abilities, providingeffective conditions for self-educationand self-perfection of students.The article reveals the essence of thefollowing terms: “tourism managers’ professionalself-perfection”, “self-perfection”,and “professional self-perfection”.Peculiarities of intensification of tourismmanagers’ professional self-perfection havebeen analyzed. It was proved that best resultscan be reached in the case, if would-bemanagers’ professional self-perfection becomesa mandatory structural component ofprofessional activity; target-oriented; it hassystematic character targeted at achievinghigh-quality changes in professional activities.Note that professional self-perfection isinherent only to a person who is aware ofhimself as a future professional.In the course of research of tourismmanagers’ professional activities it hasbeen proved that the system of professionaltraining has its own infrastructure and isdeveloping according to its goals and regularities.This phenomenon makes the largestadequate form of an individual’s self-education,self-development, and self-upbringing,which can be noticed in a person’s self-actualizationand realization as an expert. Theabove phenomenon is becoming an obligatorystructural component of professionalactivity; target-oriented; it has a systemcharacter, and is also aimed at achievinghigh-quality changes in professional activitiesof proficient tourism managers.

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