Г.М. Гуменюк, У.О. Будник, В.П. Передерко


This articledescribes some of interest Opillia sacredart as a vehicle for tourist excursionsin the region. The authors emphasize thatthe organization of pilgrims and touristsin Ukraine in general and in particular itswestern territories, significantly hamperedby numerous problems. Require immediatesolution: inventory and restoration ofmonuments that attract pilgrims and tourists;accelerate work on the establishmentof nationwide registry of tourism resources,which would include all the historical, culturalmonuments sacred tourism; providinginfrastructure places of pilgrimage; appropriatelegislation that would reduce or freedfrom taxes pilgrim tourism and others.Opillia has unique conditions for thedevelopment of religious tourism as a excursionand pilgrimage areas. This is due,above all, unique history of Christianity inthe area and the large number of relics, includingmany respected icons of (Pochaivska, Zarvanytsia, Terebovlya, Krylos). Animportant problem in Ukraine is almost nomethodical and infrastructural support forthe organization of religious tourism routes.It would be deepen cooperation of professionaltourist organizations and religiouscommunities, associations, professionaltheologians that would ensure the efficientuse of tourism infrastructure in WesternUkraine, would improve the quality of pilgrimageand would contribute to the revivalof spirituality of our people.The main ways of stimulating the tourismattractiveness Opillia defined: creatinga positive image of the Opillia area as anattractive area for recreation; increased attentionto Ukrainian holiday in the country,including the ability to attract additionaltourist flow through active marketing inthe regions; Tourism support national programs,such as providing subsidies for therestoration of historical and cultural sitesof sacred significance; create a single registryof data on travel resources and theirconcentration on regions of Ukraine; monitoringof Opillia tourism attractivenessby identifying the most appropriate use ofresources sacred; attracting public investmentin projects related to the developmentof tourism in the plain field.

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