В.В. Шикеринець, В.М. Угринюк


The central region of Ukraine belongsto the multi-ethnic one; its populationhas been formed over the centuries by integratingenvironmental management traditionsof many nations. The Polish communityis one of those which played an importantrole in the formation of regional specificity(economic, spiritual, cultural, mental, etc.).The article offers the division into periods ofthe existence of the Polish community in theregion; research principles of historical andcultural heritage of the above nation on theterritory of this region have been exposed;actuality, structure, organizing peculiaritiesof comprehensive advertising and informationtourism product have also been proved.The importance of this research is beyondany doubt, because Polish community inCentral Ukraine fits into the classic definitionof national minorities, as it is the partof the Polish nation and along with distinctivefeatures of ethno nationality (uniquehistory, culture, language, religion) is char acterized by the desire to preserve its identity,traditions of ancestors, to participate inthe political life of modern Ukraine. Polishminority, on the one hand, was and remainsthe most integrated one into the Ukrainianethno-cultural society, and on the otherhand, the Polish community considers itselfas part of the neighboring Slavic nation,Polish political nation, serves as thebridge of Ukrainian-Polish understandingand partnership. The study of all categoriesof Polish ethnic group heritage in theabove region once again proved their highsolidity, good or enough renewable qualityand availability, and thus the region can beevaluated as potentially attractive for Polishand domestic tourists.

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