Т.І. Ткаченко


The author assesses criticallythe current state of tourism in the regionsof Ukraine and main economic indicatorsof its dynamics: the number of served tourists,the number of enterprises by type (touroperators, travel agencies, tour operatorstravel), the number of overnight stays, theamount of accommodation, the share of revenuesfrom the sale of travel services in includingthe market of domestic and inboundtourism.The author finds out the main impactson tourism enterprises in Ukraine, whichcause their turbulence. These are political,social and environmental collapse, militaryaggression and intervention on the territoryof Ukraine, the global financial crisis, reducingeffective demand for tourism services,poor mobility of tourism organization,structural changes in tourism.The attention is drawn to the need todevelop domestic tourism and excursionbusiness by enhancing and improving thequality of professional training of touristguiding in higher education, development ofprofessional standards and their adequateimplementation in the educational process,formation and effective promotion of localdestinations – cities and towns of Ukraine,improvement of economic mechanism formingtheir sources of financial support on thebasis of public-private partnerships.The stages of strategic developmentof tourism in Ukraine («Roadmap») in theshort term (up to 2016) have been characterized The author analyses theoretical principlesconducting the turbulence of tourismbusiness, which belong to a class oftheories: the theory of diversification, thetheory of efficiency, the theory of monopoly,the theory of values, the empire buildingprocess theory, the perturbation theory, thetheory of «predatory raids», the chaos theory,the theory of turbulence, the theory ofsignals, the crisis management theory, thetheory of the life cycle of the company.

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