І.М. Дундяк


The revival of Ukrainian religiousculture of XX–XXI centuries requiresan all-round objective research of religiousmotives in West-Ukrainian art. Because ofhistoric realities, West-Ukrainian artistsand cultural workers gave an impulse topractically illegal development of religiousmotives in fine arts and, thus, saved the basicsof Christian culture of Ukraine. Thisarticle analyzes the many creative facetsof a body of work by a very known Ukrainianartist, Roman Vasylyk in the context ofСarpatian region. His biography and familyrelations, work closely related to theCarpathians. This is due to the fact thathis brother-Bishop Paul Vasylyk was hereknown as famous church figure. This masterof church art is the author of many icons forchurches in Western Ukraine. However, hismain merit in creating of professional stylishand modern church interiors. His workbridges the gap between the old, classicalstyle of Ukrainian religious art and modernreligious expression. Special attentionis centered on his role as an educator andmentor during his tenure at Lviv Academyof Arts. Together with his students, he developedthe concept for the interior of thetemple is now the largest in the Carpathianregion in the Transfiguration Cathedral inKolomya. The сreativity of R. Vasylyk, iconpainter, muralist is progressive, productivereliance on deep knowledge of processes ofUkrainian church art

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