М.В. Клапчук, В.І. Біян, Б.В. Брухлій


This articledescribes some innovative technologydevelopment and the factors that affectthem. Innovation has traditionally been afocus of scientific and technological progressand the process that is associated withthe implementation of the results of researchand development in practice.The most important innovations in therestaurant business are information andcomputer technologies that are designedspecifically for the restaurant industry enterprises.Also important is innovation inconstruction and restaurant managementby equipping their new trends and requirements.Another group of innovation is innovationin change cooking dish and otherproperties in comparison with classic dish.Innovations a necessary step in the developmentof society, because now more thanever exacerbated the problem of limited resourceson the planet. In today’s world, moreattention is taken away greening and energyefficiency companies, including restaurant.The use of alternative energy sources in therestaurant business has great potential, becausethis branch of the economy is very dependenton electricity and gas prices.

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