V S Velykochyy, D V Velykochyy


The article makes an attempt to highlightthe self-identification of the Ukrainiannation with its identity in the process oftransition from ethnic to political stage,the course of crystallization of the mainnational values, the emergence of the dominantparadigms of the national idea in theUkrainian society of the ХІХ–ХХІ centuries.At the same time, it shows the author’sconcept of self-assessment of Ukraine as astate-constructive ethnopolitical community,polyethnic in its essence.The article points the fact that theUkrainian nation appears in the processof ethnogenesis and reaches to a level ofself-organization as a result of the NationalLiberation War and the revolutionof 1648–1657. The process of formationthe Ukrainian nation took place simultaneouslywith the process of self-identificationunder such an ethnonym during the18th and 19th centuries.It is noted and analyzed the fact that theimage of Ukraine as a nation (groupportrait) is a collective embodiment ofindividual psychological features of theUkrainian as an individual. These features,in turn, have their deep manifestation inthe behavior of the nation, in its actions.Individual character traits can alsoexplain the swiftness of the national spirit(«Freedom or Death», «Slaves NotAllowed to Paradise»). The essence ofUkrainians, we believe, is one that meetsthe national features of the peoples of theEuropean continent with its ownhierarchy structure.


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