І О Лисий


This article is making ahistoric, cultural and touristical descriptiveanalysis of the little-known Chernelytsiacastle located in Ivano-Frankivsk region.The given analysis is made by means ofusing four groups of characteristics:natural and geographical characteristics(morphological features of the monument’sconstruction, hydrological characteristicsof the territory, its location near objects ofthe natural reserve fund, man-made recreationalforests in the castle complex,landscape parks, gardens, landscape gardens,aggregate rates of natural and geographicallocation), historical and culturalcharacteristics (degree of physical preservation,level of historical significance, degreeof cultural value, rate of architecturaland stylistic value, availability of savedelements), infrastructural characteristics (transport accessibility, availability ofaccommodation facilities, food establishments,museum institutions, specializedsouvenir shops and stalls), informationalcharacteristics (integration to touristroutes, organization of tourist promotionalcampaigns, exhibitions and fairs, availabilityof informational and advertisingdata, rank of coverage in scientific tourismprofiles and degree of providing withtourist information on the Internet). Theauthor is finding out the main positive andnegative features in potential use of thedescribed monument for tourism and recreation.The Chernelytsia castle complex,being in a poor state of physical preservation,has a high attractive potential formedthrough combining its unique natural andgeographical location with original historicaland architectural features of the monument.Problematic aspects are a low rateof general and specialized tourist infrastructure,informational support, scientificscrutiny and promotion. That causes theneed for further study of the castle whichshould give more answers to questionsconcerning historical and cultural development,define optimal ways of improvinghistorical, socio-cultural and tourist areas.


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