Л В Польова


The article analyzes the influence ofcorporate culture on productivity in hospitalityindustry. To achieve efficient operationit is necessary to create a unifiedsystem of values, norms and rules, guidedby the fact that people think and feel.Leaders of hospitality industry concludeabout the importance of corporate culturein the team, its values and ideals. Thatenables workers to represent their organization,move in the same direction as awhole.As you know, to gain a competitive advantagein the market conditions of hospitalityindustry it is important to have its distinctive characteristics. That makes thebasis for their understanding and expectationsof building internal and externalaudiences. Corporate culture provides aunique image of the institution.Previous researches concerning thegiven issue focused attention on the managementof production. However, realitydemands to meet new challenges, use differentapproaches to organizing work inthe competitive environment of hospitalityindustry. Corporate culture forms thebasis for creating an effective business.Success of state revenue depends on corporateculture. Improving optimal activitiesand innovative thinking, professionallevel of hotel and restaurant industry corporateculture influences them throughensuring quality and harmonious assessmentof values that meet the demands ofsociety and does not forget innovativetrends. Training of corporate culture professionalsin hospitality industry needs anew large-scale study of the situation atall levels. That is why we have to identifyits reserves as a tool of social control andchanges, meet new challenges of our time,demands of present-day society.


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