М В Клапчук


Every year more and more touristscome to Lviv to see its UNESCO worldheritage sites and feel the incredibleflavor of the city. Lviv is considered as atourist destination, the city is recognizablenot only in Ukraine but also far abroad.In recent years the number of tourists inLviv has increased almost 4 times. In2007, the city was visited by about 700000 tourists, while in 2016 there werenearly 2 600 000 (according to the CityDepartment of Tourism LCC). Culturaltourism is one of the main types of tourismin Lviv. According to the tourist informationcenter in Lviv the vast majority oftourists (about 75%) visit the city to rest.Tourist business of the city sometimesdoes not keep up with the developmentneeds and hospitality innovations.For increasing the flow of tourists andgetting them interested in somethingdifferent other tourist resources have to beinvolved. These resources can be objectsand places associated with totalitarianregimes. The article researches the mostfamous sites and places in Lviv related tothe totalitarian regimes of the interwarperiod, the World War II and the postwarperiod in our country. The author revealsthe relevance and importance of their usein tourism.


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