Г В Гритчук


The article analyses tourism resourcesin the Hutsul area of the Carpathians.This region has a pretty large recreationalpotential and considered to bepromising for further development of tourismindustry in Ukraine.The main components of ethno-tourismare as follows: historical and culturalresources, such as historical and architecturalevents, biosocial tourist resourcesand socio-economic tourist resources.Tourism development significantly affectssectors such as transport, trade,communications, construction, agriculture,consumer goods, and is one of themost promising areas of economic restructuringon the territory of the Hutsularea. Tourist development is often connectedwith other types of economic activities:industry, energy, agriculture andforestry. Industrial accidents may causesignificant environmental degradationthat threatens the recreational potential ofthe region. Of particular importance inpresent situation are studying the state ofdevelopment of recreational and touristresources and identifying ways of theirmost optimal use. The author works outdifferent ways for improving the interactionbetween tourism and industrial objects.The Hutsul area belongs ethnographicallyto Ivano-Frankivsk region,including Kosiv, Verkhovyna, Nadvirna, the south-western parts of Kolomyia andBogorodchany districts. Recreational andtourism potential of this area can be usedfor various types of tourist activities, especiallyfor development of domestic tourism,ethno-tourism, tourism services forforeign guests.Thus, the study analyses scientific papersdevoted to theoretical research ofethno-tourism and tourism resources inthe Hutsul area. The given study hasshown that this area has enough powerfultourist resource potential for the developmentof this type of tourism.


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