Г М Гуменюк, О М Хоптій


The article examines and describesinnovative advertising technology, examplesof their use and perceptions by thetarget audience. The authors analysetraditional types of media (press, television,radio, direct mail, outdoor advertising,souvenir advertising, flyers), as wellas completely new, innovative ones, forexample, ambient advertising (interactiveshop windows and floor, virtual promoter,fog screen, digital posters, projectors,levitation advertising media), 3D-stickers,fluorescent board Flash AdBoard, barrunner,EL-panel (animated poster),augmented reality (AR), optical illusions,interactive 3D-boards, visual effects,«interactive clothing», levitation advertising,«Indoor TV», etc.), Internet advertising(advertising on blogs, context advertising,laser&social network advertising,email-mailing services and advertising, browser advertising) andmobile advertising (static or animatedads, mobile Interstitial ads, Rich media,video, native ads). The article highlightsthe most common and traditional forms ofonline advertising – banner ads, e-mail,text advertising, contextual text advertising,hypertext link (hypertext). Anotheradvertising tool – a Direct mail (addressdirect mail on a database) is consideredto be the most powerful, sophisticated andcomplex method of struggle for the buyer.On average, advertisers in Europe spend18 to 27% of their advertising budgetsfor DM.Interesting under certain targetaudience is also the option of advertisingwhich uses the scanner. For example, thePlan UK company is successful exactly inusing such advertising technology.There are new technologies, includingmulti-dimensional ones, which are increasinglyused in advertising and marketingbusiness, significantly increasing the levelof competition for consumers. Therefore,we can confidently predict the dynamic ofdevelopment of these advertising types inthe domestic advertising market.


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