The current state of the use of land of the recreation setting within the limits of Ivano -Frankovsk-Chernovtsi Тransdniestria.

П.О. Сухий, І.С. Березка, К.В. Дарчук


The analysis of existentstructure of the landed fund of valley of theriver is conducted Dniester within the limits ofthe Ivano-Francovsk and Chernovtsi areas. Asa result of research certainly, that over halvesof earths within the limits of administrativeeducations which directly are in the valleyof Dniester occupy earths of the agriculturalsetting. It is set that part of earths of thereсreation, health and historical-culturicalsetting in the general area of research objectis insignificant, however there are potentialpossibilities for its increase due to earths ofother having a special purpose setting.

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