В.С. Великочий


The article highlights by means of elements of microhistory and historic study methodology the events related to the causes, course and first consequences of the November National Democratic Revolution in 1918 in Pokuttia, particularly in its north-eastern part – Tlumach region. The thesis of objective laws of occurrence and flow of the revolutionary process is suggested, its features in the Ukraine-wide context are represented. The main emphasis is done on the fact that the November National Democratic Revolution in Western Ukraine (1918), laid the foundation for restoration and development of statehood in the region, contributed to the growth of national consciousness among the West Ukrainian people. Formation of state authorities, elements of the national statehood took place in the period of 1–13 November 1918. In Tlumach region this process was consistently and systematically, and in most counties of Eastern Galicia as well. Real steps of state building was legalization of the Ukrainian National Council as a parliament, the election of the first government – the Provisional State Secretariat, forming national county councils, appointing county commissioners as local authorities and self-governing bodies. One of the State Secretaries-Ministers was appointed native of Tovmach (Pokuttia) Dr. Ivan Makukh. It is concluded that Tlumach region became a significant support for the West Ukrainian People’s Republic in the process of its development and strengthening. It inspired by its stability, confidence in the future the hope in the correctness of the chosen path, the hope for the future strengthening. However both Pokuttia and Eastern Galicia went through the moments of triumph and national drama during the Ukrainian Revolution 1917–1923. Events of the November National Democratic Revolution in 1918 went down in its history as a remarkable and significant page, an example of national heroism and selfsacrifice

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