Г.Є. Долгопола, Я.С. Коробейникова


Worldwide experience has shown that the clustering of economy makes and produces a decisive influence on the process of strengthening competitiveness and accelerating innovation. The introduction of the cluster approach in the tourism industry is important too. Tourism cluster is firstly and foremostly a community of various companies and organizations in a particular area that is directly or indirectly related to providing travel services. Tourism cluster should consist of a combination of fields that create tourist products and the conditions for increasing its competitiveness. Due to the particular importance of the development of tourist infrastructure in Verkhovyna area studies aimed at determining the optimal locations of tourist and recreational systems based on cultural and natural and recreational facilities are of first importance. Due to this factor a research had been conducted aimed at providing information and further guidance for investors about opportunities and prospects of accommodation infrastructure elements within Verkhovyna district according to the criteria of closeness of resources and conviniences for visiting them by the consumers. Thus, the western part of the district and the area along the river Black Cheremosh should be treated by the local officials as an area with high tourism potential, and it will turn into it in the future if the roadside infrastructure will develop with the help of the local governments, and so domestic and foreign investors will invest in the development of large tourist complexes, that will make it popular for the tourists and thus enhance the tourism potential of the district.

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