Н.І. Остап’юк


The аrticle deals with the world experience of using the state branding technologies, development of the national brand and its genesis. In the age of globalization, countries compete with each other for attention, respect and trust of potential consumers, investors, tourists, media and governments of other nations. Branding is the most powerful tool a nation can use for effective differentiation strategies and creating a competitive advantage over other nations. Unfortunately, not every nation or destination marketers understand the concept of branding and how a country can be successfully branded. Hence, this study has proposed a model that could be used as a valuable guide for country branding. The model for countries struggling with image crisis to improve the image internationally is also recommended. A new brand of Ukraine should determine the quality, character and personality of the country. First of all, it has to be built around those areas in which Ukraine has succeeded in its strong competitive sides. It should emphasize all the best qualities of Ukraine. At the same time it must be true and based on real values. The concept of a new brand of Ukraine must not only create a recognizable positive image of the country in the world, but also contribute to the formation and development of Ukrainian national identity, a sense of common purpose and national pride. The key to its successful implementation should be coordinating the work of state institutions and relevant organizations by competent professionals. However, the first thing to do in Ukraine on the path to successful branding and positioning is to be out of the economic «breaking» and to invest in logistics infrastructure.

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