В.В. Шикеринець


Tourism and recreation complex (TRC) as an object of public administration is investigated in the article as in general structure of tourism in our country, tourist and recreational activity prevails. The reasons for which tourism and recreation complex is the most optimum category: first, the impact of tourism on various spheres of activity cannot be limited within the same industry; secondly, TRC includes two concepts - complex and territory which it contains; thirdly, the use of the term «complex» in the synthetic category of «tourist and recreation complex» due to the fact that tourism and recreational activity is very complex, and production technology, providing certain types of travel services as part of the tourism product are shared with features that are characteristic of everyday technology services in general as well as specific features; fourth, TRC is based on a combination of government and market mechanisms of regulation, in TRC a state acts as a subsystem, a single participant, subject, providing a combination of interest throughout the region with the interests of individual members of TRC. Taking into account the specific features that are inherent to TRC, given the definition of TRC as a part of the commercial and industrial sector in the region, which is a combination of tourism, recreation and related enterprises, institutions and organizations whose activities are coordinated by state bodies (local government) and is aimed at creating and realization of a unique tourist product based on the optimal use of tourist and recreational potential of the region. Major trends and basic tasks of the state policy in the sphere of tourism are identified: creating organizational, legal and economic conditions to accelerate the development of tourism; formation of modern marketing strategy to promote tourist product; formation of modern integrated legal and regulatory framework; strengthening and further development of inter sectoral coordination for increasing the efficiency of the domestic tourism industry; improve service quality in hospitality

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