В.В. Федорак


In the article describes the factors of development of ethnic tourism in Pokuttya region caused by nature management in this ethnographic district. The historical analysis of region Pokuttya, its features, religiously sacrality and recreation inheritance is carried out. In the context of finding out of key principles of ethnic tourism in Pokuttya a special region is occupied by the problem of lineation of the concept «ethnoculture», that in our case comes forward as basic object of the tourist personal interest. On the basis of analysis of studies of domestic and foreign scientists the author supports an idea about indivisibility of cultural acquisition with nature, destroying the concept «cultural landscape» – naturally cultural territorial complex formed as a result of an evolutional co-operation of nature and man, it social cultural and economic activity. Pokuttya is located between the rivers Dniester and Prut. In the east it borders on Bukovina, in the west it is resricted by the Stanislav lowland. According to the present administrativeterritorial division it includes territories of Snyatyn, Horodenka, Tlumach department, the northeastern part of Tysmenytsya, the bigger part of Kolomyya (without its southern part) department. A particular emphasis is done on the tourism potential of the region, which will increase significantly in the case of improving tourism infrastructure. The factors that affect the increase of tourist attractivity Pokuttya are distinguished. They are based on the following benefits: advantageous geographical position; factor of territorial division of labor; relatively high ecological security of the region; strong potential for the development of different types of tourism; economic competitiveness of tourism and recreation industry. The ethnographic specificity Pokuttya region is disclosed, various elements of life and traditional culture that are specific objects of tourist interest are researched. The exposure of the main museums of Kolomyya are analyzed, attention is paid to the role of various festivals in increasing tourist attractiveness of the region, such as «Pysanka», «Rodoslav», Carpathian vernissage», «Smiths festival», vocal festival «Sheshory».

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