І.О. Лисий


The article deals with the problems of using fortification structures for ethno tourism which affect adversely the process of effective conservation, protection and adaptation of fortification constructions, including theoretical and methodological (low level of theoretical research and scientific developments in the field of ethno tourism, inadequate scientific and methodological materials which regulate the conservation, restoration and using of castles for ethno tourism), organizational and legal (low level of state support for the tourism industry and of legislative regulation of processes of tourist using fortification structures, excessive centralization in the management of tourism industry which does not allow to solve urgent problems of conservating and using of fortifications), socioeconomic (terrible state of development of all kinds of tourism infrastructure (especially transport, hotel and restaurant industry), low financing of ethno tourism), informational (low level of informational software of development of ethno tourism, insufficient promotion of the Ukrainian remote areas), natural and environmental (lack of an adequate level of environmental culture and behavior of the population, contamination of many fortification structures by various types of waste) problems. In thorough analysis of the problematic aspects the possible ways of using monuments for ethno tourism were designed. They include the expanding areas of festival tourism in the castle structures, the functional adaptation of castle complexes for various institutions and the museumification of well-preserved specimens of fortifications with opening ethnographic exposures.

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