No 1 (2012)

Scientific studies on the history, culture, tourism

Table of Contents

Capital status of Stanislaviv in the Western- Ukrainian People’s Republic times: historic experienc e issue PDF (Українська)
В. С. Великочий
The formation of the Polish politicum party structure in Galicia at the end of the 19th and the beginning of 20th century. PDF (Українська)
О.С. Жерноклеєв
West-ukrainian region as multiethnical landskape (an attempt to summarize the 10 years studies) PDF (Українська)
І.С. Монолатій
О.П. Реєнт
Recreational household in Galychyna at the second part of XIX – the first third of XX centuries PDF (Українська)
В.М. Клапчук
Saltkarstinthe mountainous part ofthe Prutriver pool – the object ofscientific tourism. PDF (Українська)
М.В. Клапчук, Т.В. Клапчук
Recreational and sanatory functions of forests in Ivano- Frankivsk,problems of expansion and its influence on the tourism development PDF (Українська)
І.Ф. Калуцький, М.М. Запоточний
History of development and territorial organization of tourist education in Ukraine. PDF (Українська)
Р.М. Лозинський
Factors forming tourist regions of in bound tourism of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Л.В. Польова
Organizational structure of tourism in Prykarpattya in the 70–80s of the twentieth century PDF (Українська)
Б.П. Савчук, Р.М. Котенко
Historical and Architectural Reserve «Kamyanets » as a travel wonder of Ukraine: logistics dimension. PDF (Українська)
І.Г. Смирнов
The geographical and geopolitical position of the Ukrainian Carpathians PDF (Українська)
О.І. Шаблій
The use of historic and cultural resources of the national recreatinal park «Ancient Galych» in the development, of tourism in Precarpattya. PDF (Українська)
В.В. Шикеринець, Г.М. Гуменюк
Speleological resources of Prydnisterya. PDF (Українська)
Л.В. Ковальська
Historical and ethnicfolk sources of national style of Ukrainian classic music. PDF (Українська)
П.Ф. Круль
Icon on the reverse side of glass in the house interior. PDF (Українська)
Р.М. Гошовський

ISSN: 2522-1329