Першопричини адиктивної поведінки особистості з позицій духовної психотерапії

Наталія Матейко


Сучасне суспільство характеризується зростанням різноманітних форм адиктивноїповедінки, основними причинами якої є втрата смислу та цінності життя. Адикції, абопристрасті, – це одержимості різного ступеня напруженості й сили, що впливають нарізноманітні сторони душевного життя людини. Профілактику адиктивної поведінкирекомендовано здійснювати шляхом застосування цілісної системи самовдосконалення тасамотрансформації, тобто духовного саморозвитку особистості.

Ключові слова: адикція, пристрасть, душа, духовний розвиток, духовнапсихотерапія.

Modern society is characterized by the growth of various forms of addictive behavior, which are the main causes loss of meaning and value of life.

The process of using of substances subject to attachment, actions or thoughts accompanied by the development of intense emotions and able to take on such proportions that begin to control the man. Train to the subject of addiction is sometimes stronger than the instinct of self-preservation.

Passion autonomous, so it is very stable and durable. As a thing in itself, it is protected from the effects of will and mind. Its devastating impact is manifested in the fact that she or insatiable or aggressive towards humans, replacing its natural needs and takes their place, and as any pathology causes a person to suffer.

Asceticism identifies eight inherent human passions: greed, fornication, avarice, anger, grief, sadness, vanity, pride. Each one includes a large number of passions that different levels of voltage and power and intertwined in different ratios in the human soul, defining feature, the uniqueness of its nature.

Spiritual therapy is a method that is based on Christian values and aims to help people who are in a state of spiritual crisis, loss of meaning in life and can be used in a holistic psychotherapeutic complex together with the Gestalt therapy, psychoanalysis, drama and etc. Рsyhoterpaiya help people to gain experience through their own spiritual awareness and acceptance of their own mental state and traumatic situation as a natural consequence aesthetically incorrect actions; purification of the accumulated negative

It is also important to implement prevention of addictive behavior through the use of an integrated system of self-improvement and transforming itself, that spiritual self-identity.


Key words: addiction, passion, soul, spiritual development, psychotherapy.

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