Духовна криза як чинник авітальної активності особистості

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У статті висвітлено проблему духовної кризи особистості. Проаналізованопсихологічні аспекти кризи духовності як чинника авітальної активності особистості.

Ключові слова: особистість, духовна криза, суїцидальна поведінка, авітальнаактивність.

The goal of the article lies in theoretical analysis of the problem of spirituality and the  justification of the psychological phenomenon of spiritual crisis as a factor avitality activity of a        person.
The problem of spirituality of the personality in psychological science. It is established that the neglect of spiritual values as cultural achievements, kills the spirituality of man, leading to despotism, despondency, despair and fear. This situation in human life is called spiritual      crisis.
Uncovered background of a spiritual identity crisis. Analyzed that the result of psychologue identity crisis is a crisis of vitality. The main factors avitality activity of a person. It is noticed that atalin experiences often accompanied by the experience of the depression, when a person feels depression, sadness, despair. The crisis causes full or partial loss of meaning of life. It is revealed that the spiritual crisis of the individual as one of the varieties of crisis conditions, which intensity settings of crisis and the nature of their flow is an acute type of crisis, unconsciously in a timely manner the need for an orderly understanding of the spiritual world becomes irrational and the self-destruction   of      .
Analyzes the main aspects of the refund to the person who is experiencing a spiritual crisis of self-confidence, faith in your future. It is established that overcoming this crisis is the spiritual renewal of man, in its focus on spiritual and moral values.

Keywords: personality, spiritual crisis, suicidal behavior, avitality activity.

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