Соціально-психологічні чинники формування соціально- психологічної компетентності майбутніх фахівців гуманітарного профілю

Наталія Мельник


У статті із соціально-психологічної точки зору висвітлюються соціально-психологічні чинники формування соціально-психологічної компетентності майбутніхфахівців гуманітарного профілю. Розглянуто їх вплив на формування комунікативноїкомпетентності, на набуття ціннісних орієнтирів майбутнього фахівця гуманітарногопрофілю.

Ключові слова: соціально-психологічні чинники, цінності, соціалізація, молодіжнаспільнота.

Social and psychological factors of future specialists’ of the humanitarian sphere social and psychological competence formation are highlighted in the article on the social and psychological point of view. Their impact on the communicative competence formation, on the acquisition of values of future specialists’ of the humanitarian sphere is considered.

The increasing requirements as for the quality of the future specialists of the humanitarian sphere training, on the one hand, aims the integration of Ukraine's education system into the world educational space on the basis of specified Bologna and the Copenhagen Declaration, on the other hand, needs modern labor market specialists whose personal qualities correspond to universal and national and cultural values coupled with high level of the professional competence. Youth community is the special place where the individual acquires the ability to interact effectively with others in the system of interpersonal relations. The future specialist of the humanitarian sphere improves the level of communication and is constantly involved in joint activity. Of course, the ability to navigate in social situations, the ability to correctly identify personality traits and emotional states of others, the ability to choose appropriate ways of communicating with people in the process of interaction, the ability to feel like others are formed among the members of youth organization .

Based on the analysis we can conclude that there is pragmatism of the minds of  young generation, limiting the sources of their spiritual life. The vast majority of young people have the low level of cultural needs implemented usually in sporadic and inconsistent appeals to cultural values. As for the level of youth ethnic culture it should be noted that it is characterized by more emotional perception of their own people than deep knowledge of its cultural and artistic achievements. Therefore, many young people can state the formation of low social and cultural competence, which raises the need to study and develop specific social and educational technologies aimed at raising its level.


Keywords: social and psychological factors, values, socialization, youth organization.

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